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University for the aged ushers in new semester

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Shengpu Sub-district University for the Aged, a school in SIP’s Shengpu Sub-district for local elderlies to continue their educational, social and creative interests in a friendly and informal environment, ushered in the fall semester on Sept 9. Both the teachers and students back from a two-month summer vacation felt very excited. 
“I miss my teachers and classmates very much,” said a senior who has been taking classes at the school for a long time.
Another student who attended the traditional Chinese painting class last semester said experiences at the school have helped her get over the loss of her husband and made her smile and talk more now. 
On the opening day, the class monitors explained to their classmates in detail a series of new rules and regulations designed to ensure happy, orderly and safe learning activities at the school.

September 10, 2019