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Summit held in SIP to drive opening-up

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Jointly sponsored by SIP Economic Development Committee and several other SIP authorities, the Summit on China’s Reform and Innovation in Promoting Trade Globalization cum Jinji Lake Summit on FTZ Innovation and Trade Facilitation was held in SIP on Dec 6. Over 30 government officials, industrial experts and enterprise representatives attended the event and discussed new reform and innovation approaches that are expected to help promote high-level opening-up in the future. 
Topics at the event covered global trends, good practices and policies for trade facilitation and globalization, and strategies for an innovative development of China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone Suzhou Area, a free trade zone which, inaugurated in SIP on Sept 1, is piloting a series of reform measures aimed at boosting foreign trade. 
At the event, led by SIP Trade and Investment Facilitation Association, a number of industry associations, research institutes and companies signed an agreement to form the SIP FTZ Reform and Innovation Alliance to help foster an excellent business environment in the FTZ in SIP. 

December 6, 2019