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High-caliber talents in western SIP can apply for subsidies for house rents

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High-caliber talents who are renting or intending to rent houses at designated residential quarters in western SIP, specifically referring to the zone west of Jinji and Dushu lakes and south of Lou River, now can apply for subsidies for their house rents, according to a new policy announced by related authorities on Nov 27. 
It is learnt that SIP started to provide high-quality and low-cost public rental apartments to high-caliber talents from outside SIP in 2010 in order to better attract and retain talents. However, there has been a large supply-demand gap due to the fast increase of talents flowing into the area. Therefore, SIP adopted a policy in 2016 to offer subsidies for eligible talents to rent houses from the housing rental market when the supply-demand ratio for public rental apartments reaches 15%.
The policy was put into practice in the southern, northern and central parts of SIP from 2017 to this May, and now it has been rolled out across SIP. So far, about 2,000 people have received the subsidies.

December 2, 2019