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Pilot program launched in SIP to allow enterprises in and outside bonded area cooperate in testing projects

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A pilot program was launched in SIP on Nov 14 to allow enterprises in SIP’s comprehensive bonded area to outsource testing projects to their partners outside the area. SIP High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone Administrative Committee, several companies in the comprehensive bonded area and their partners signed agreements on the same day to jointly push on the program.
The pilot program is one of a series of business promotion measures following the establishment of a new free trade zone in SIP in September. It enables enterprises in the comprehensive bonded area to save both time and cost in having their imports tested. Xi’ao Testing and Consulting Services Co Ltd which authorized its partner UL CCIC Company Limited-Suzhou to test a set of imported LED lights samples early this month reported it saved two days in customs procedures. 
Moreover, the program is allowing the testing project undertakers outside the comprehensive bonded area to indirectly benefit from the privileges offered at the bonded area in customs services and duties and expand their service coverage. 

November 14, 2019