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SU researchers discover new radio-immunity therapy against cancers

Professor Liu Zhuang and his team at Soochow University (SU)'s Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials and associate professor Yang Kai at SU's School of Radiation Medicine and Protection recently published their research findings on Nature Biomedical Engineering, bringing hope to patients with cancers in mid- and late stages.

They discovered that tumor metastasis and reoccurrence can be better inhibited with the help of a kind of compound injection consisting of catalase, immunological adjuvant CpG and sodium alginate, which can also trigger autoimmune response to eliminate hidden tumor lesions in other parts. The injection is made of natural biological materials to ensure excellent biocompatibility.

In application to laboratory mice, patient-derived tumor xenografts and rabbit tumor models, the injection killed all preinvasive solid tumors and effectively enhanced the immune systems' functions in the treatments.

It is learnt that the researchers are currently trying to push on the clinical trials of the therapy.

Suzhou Daily
July 20, 2018

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