Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province
Suzhou HighSchool of Jiangsu Province, first built in 1035, is the oldest school inSuzhou. Its campus is hailed as “the...[MORE]
Suzhou Yidu Antique, Bird and Flower Market
Themarket is located at No. 1635 Renmin Road, with jade ware, antiques, ancientcalligraphy and painting works, flowers, ...[MORE]
Canglangting Garden
Canglangting(Surging Wave Pavilion) Garden is located at Canglangting Street in the southof Renmin Road. It is one of th...[MORE]
Suzhou Library
Suzhou Libraryis a must-visit place for people who fancy reading.Located at No.858 Renmin Road, the library celebrates t...[MORE]
Yiyuan Garden
Yiyuan Garden,less famous than other classic gardens in Suzhou, is located at theintersection of Renmin Road and Ganjian...[MORE]
Confucius Temple
While the Beisi Pagoda stands at the north end of RenminRoad, the Confucius Temple sits at the south end. It is a temple...[MORE]
Beisi Pagoda
This autumn, an about 50-year-old persimmon treestretching out the wall of a private house near the Subway Line 4 Beisit...[MORE]