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Toppings are the “face” of Suzhou-style noodles

Date:2021-12-24 10:27|Source: |Visits:

The diverse toppings make Suzhou-style noodles beautiful and delicious.

The toppings refer to a layer of food poured or put on top of the noodles to decorate them and add to their flavor. They usually contain sliced braised or fried meat, fish, shrimps, chicken, duck, vegetables and/or pickles.

Toppings are served on the top of noodles, or in separate bowls and dishes. If the latter, the diners can add the toppings to their noodles based on personal preferences.

Suzhou natives prefer seasonal food, so the toppings are always made with fresh ingredients, but with different combinations.

Braised meat is often used to make toppings. The meat is braised on gentle heat for a long time so that they get looser and tender in the hot soup of the noodles and release seductive aroma.

The diversity of the toppings reflects Suzhou locals’ passion for life, which drives them to pursue new recipes and then make them perfect.