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SFIC provides excellent services for fintech development

Date:2021-09-29 09:55|Source: |Visits:

Suzhou Fintech Innovation Center (SFIC), jointly founded by SIP Administrative Committee and Bank of Suzhou in SIP months ago, has made remarkable outcomes in driving financial technology innovation in SIP.

With the support of SFIC, the Su-Pay mobile payment system was developed, allowing Japanese and South Korean tourists who come to Suzhou for short trips to open an e-account which they can top up with Chinese yuan or bind overseas bank cards or Chinese mobile payment apps for payment during their stay.

On the other hand, the SFIC has built eight joint laboratories in collaboration with over 10 enterprises and research institutes for the purpose of promoting development and application of financial technologies, and runs an exhibition center which currently showcases exhibits from 15 financial institutions and 50-plus tech companies.