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SIP accelerates building of four industrial clusters to bolster stronger development

Date:2021-01-26 10:44|Source: |Visits:

To achieve the goal of developing into a world-class high-tech park, SIP is accelerating the building of four industrial clusters including SIP Enterprise Headquarters Base, Listed Companies Park, Modern Services Park and Sinar Mas S&T Park to facilitate concentration of high-end projects and promote development of related industries.

Design sketch for SZ FTZ Business Center

SIP Enterprise Headquarters Base, with infrastructure construction launched in 2018, focuses on attracting headquarters of leading enterprises in strategic emerging industries. Recently, the construction of SZ FTZ Business Center started in the center of the base. With an investment of nearly RMB 4 billion, the project will consist of four towers and a number of auxiliary facilities including offices, exhibition and convention venues and hotels for business operations and activities.

The Listed Companies Park sits in SIP’s Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation Zone. It focuses on such sectors as biomedicine, AI and nanotech to incubate and introduce high-end, high-growth publicly traded companies and companies planning to go public.

Design sketch for the Modern Services Park

The Modern Services Park at SIP’s Jinji Lake CBD is expected to set a good example for technology-based financial services, producer services and other modern services.

Sinar Mas S&T Park is a cooperative project between SIP authorities and Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas Group. Based on Sinar Mas’ plant in the free trade zone in SIP, it boasts integrated functions for innovative R&D, production and services.

Design sketch for
Sinar Mas S&T Park