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“Listed Companies’ Nursery” program helps enterprises increase the odds of going public

Date:2021-01-27 10:58|Source: |Visits:

The “Listed Companies’ Nursery” program which SIP authorities launched in late 2019 in the aim of giving companies in SIP all-around support for listings has helped seven enterprises go public.

The program adopts a level-to-level admittance criteria system to select enterprises in three development stages and give them advice, financial assistance, training and other forms of help for their listings.

For example, more than 10 banks have promoted loans to support enterprises covered by the program. An enterprise rated the “Basic” or “Key” level can get a loan of up to RMB 20 million, while a pre-IPO enterprise can get a loan of up to RMB 100 million and a person working at a managerial level or a key technician in the enterprises can get a loan ranging from RMB 300,000 to 3,000,000. Besides, a RMB 1 billion fund has been established to encourage and guide investment in enterprises under the program.

In terms of training, the SIP “Listed Companies’ Nursery” Training Program was launched last July, consisting of customized courses, selected courses and online courses to give companies intending to go public all-around support from management optimization to financial planning and compliance to relevant laws and market rules.

According to SIP Enterprise Development Service Center, the organization in charge of running the program, more services will be made available to the enterprises under the program in the future.