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Good bargains available throughout the shopping festival

Date:2020-12-24 09:57|Source: |Visits:

Spanning the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival, New Year’s Day, Chinese Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, the shopping spree incorporates a variety of on- and off-line activities such as new product launches, Spring Festival fair and Lantern Festival celebrations to promote consumption in food, entertainment, cars, digital content, cultural products and other items and services.

The e-commerce platforms are offering very attractive discounts and subsidies. For example, Tongcheng Life, an SIP-based e-commerce platform operator dedicated to providing fresh food products and daily use articles, offers 100,000 “0.01-yuan” products each day during the festival.


Concurrently, the bricks-and-mortar stores that have participated in the event are offering dazzling discounted products and opportunities for shoppers to partake in lucky draws and other gift-giving activities.