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Financial support to give cultural enterprises a leg up in seeking strong development

SIP authorities offer considerate financial support to cultural businesses, such as special funds earmarked for certain cultural projects, subsidies for office rents and exhibition expenditures and rewards for key projects, etc. 
HIS Design, a company that dabbled in museum and exhibition venue design in 2007, is one of the beneficiaries from that. The company that has contributed to the development of lots of striking museums across the country has received more than RMB 10 million of financial support from the local authorities since 2014. The fund has enabled it to develop industry-leading designs and high-tech media tools to “make museums interactive for visitors”, a concept the company counts on to alter the landscape of contemporary museum design.
It is learnt that SIP authorities have offered financial support to over 570 cultural and sports projects relying on a special fund established in 2014.