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Little campers do their bit in environmental protection

The summer camps themed environmental protection attracted many youngsters, too.
The Publicity Department of CPC SIP Working Committee and SIP Volunteers Association jointly hosted a summer camp in July. In addition to attending a series of lectures on etiquette and safety protection, the little campers took part in various on- and off-line publicity activities to advocate garbage classification and learnt to make garbage enzymes and composts using kitchen waste. According to SIP Volunteers Association, another event of the kind will be hosted this month.
SIP Land Resources and Environmental Protection Bureau hosted the 5th Environmental Protection Summer Camp. Students and their teachers from a number of local schools and a group of local residents participated. They patrolled the banks of Jinji Lake, took water samples for later testing, and put silver carp hatchlings into the lake in the hope that the adult fish can help control propagation of blue algae in the water. They also classified the waste after their lunch and took them to the local Kitchen Waste Disposal Center where they watched the process of turning the kitchen waste into fertilizers.