SIP sees various summer camps for kids in vacation

SIP has seen various summer camps launched since the beginning of the about-two-month summer vacation in early July. Many local youngsters have participated, learning new knowledge and skills and taking the chances to broaden their horizons.

For example, SIP Open University launched a public-benefit program on July 15 to cooperate with SIP-based schools, research institutes and enterprises in organizing learning tours for local youngsters to acquire new knowledge and skills. [MORE]

Little campers do their bit in environmental protection

The summer camps themed environmental protection attracted many youngsters, too.

The Publicity Department of CPC SIP Working Committee and SIP Volunteers Association jointly hosted a summer camp in July. In addition to attending a series of lectures on etiquette and safety protection, the little campers took part in various on- and off-line publicity activities to advocate garbage classification and learnt to make garbage enzymes and composts using kitchen waste. According to SIP Volunteers Association, another event of the kind will be hosted this month.

SIP Land Resources and Environmental Protection Bureau hosted the 5th Environmental Protection Summer Camp. Students and their... [MORE]

Suzhou New Times Group launches one-month art and sports camp

Suzhou New Times Group, the developer and operator of Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre (SCAC), Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre (SZOSC) and many other cultural, sports and recreational facilities in SIP, launched a one-month summer camp in the hope of helping youngsters foster good artistic taste and develop various sports skills.

The program includes a series of five-day tours where the campers have chances to visit Suzhou...[MORE]


Six programs underway at CSH Asia DNA Learning Center

CSH Asia DNA Learning Center is offering six science popularization programs opening to primary and middle schools in Suzhou and its neighboring cities.

The programs incorporate elaborately designed theory lessons and experiments for youngsters to acquire a good knowledge of DNA and enzymes and application of life science in daily life.

The programs have received positive response from the participating youngsters and their parents. [MORE]