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Huxi sub-district authority issues first approval for commercial building to resume operations

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The Inspection Team for Resumption of Operations of Commercial Buildings at the Community Working Committee of SIP’s Huxi sub-district issued its first approval on Feb 9 to allow a local commercial building operator to resume operations after a temporary closedown aimed at curbing the rampant novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP).

The inspection team was formed one day earlier. It reviews local commercial building operators’ application documents for resumption of operations and conducts field inspections over the buildings’ anti-epidemic measures to decide whether to approve the building operators’ applications.

Additionally, the inspection team has organized an online training to inform the operators of 25 local commercial buildings of the procedures that they need to go through for their operation resumption, and has pasted posters in the buildings and prepared 1,000 copies of “Manual on Protecting Workplaces from NCP” for businesses in the buildings to increase awareness against the virus.

February 10, 2020