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Venti Technologies chairwoman unveils “secrets” for business success

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Heidi Wyle, one of the founders and chairwoman of Venti Technologies, a company started out in SIP last year to develop systems and solutions for intelligent vehicles, recently unveiled the “secrets” for the company’s business success so far as a latecomer in the field of self-driving vehicles. 
Heidi believes that the company’s formidable founding team including top scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the support from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSALL) and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART) has laid a solid technical foundation for the company’s R&D activities. She disclosed that the R&D outcomes have won the company the favor of many globally leading autonomous vehicle developers.
Another “secret” that Heidi cited is clear market positioning.
“Venti Technologies focuses on technologies for autonomous driving at low and medium speed. We have advanced algorithms and module solutions to ensure precise location and flexible response to complicated road conditions for safe self-driving,” she said. According to her, Venti Technologies’ products have gone through 2,000 tests in three countries with zero accident. 
Additionally, Heidi said today’s mature market conditions and huge demand for self-driving vehicles are offering the company plenty of opportunities for a stronger development.
“Our systems and solutions have passed the tests for use in passenger, delivery and sanitation vehicles, golf carts and shuttle buses, and are expected to be rolled out to more fields in the future,” she said.

November 19, 2019