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Community education events flourish

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SIP’s Hudong sub-district recently saw an assortment of events designed to help local juveniles broaden their horizons and enrich their summer vacation.
Xinghu Community Party Branch organized an interesting event on Aug 13 when, with the volunteer teacher’s help and instruction, each of 24 kids drew parts of the pictures on their own and the others’ canvases and learnt to make clay figurines of soldiers.
Jiuhua Community Women’s Federation and Working Committee on Women and Children organized an event on Aug 12 to teach youngsters to decorate straw hats with their paintings.
Zhonghai Community Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation organized a learning tour on Aug 14 when the participating youngsters and their parents visited Chinese dairy producer Yili Group’s factory in SIP. In the process, they gained a good knowledge of the company’s history and products, the process of making lactic acid beverage, and Yili’s corporate culture.

August 16, 2019