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The most beautiful avenues to appreciate flowers

Cherry Avenue
There is a famous Cherry Avenue in Xiangcheng Botanic Garden. It is so charming that when rambling on the avenue, one feels as if going through a tunnel of cherries.

Rape Avenue
It is unique that there is a rape field on the lake. The rapes are in bloom all the way from Beauty Leg Peninsula to Lotus Island.

Begonia Avenue

Peach Blossom Avenue
The Peach Blossom Island is in the center of Jinji Lake. It is like a fairyland and half of the plants on the island are peach trees.

Pear Blossom Avenue
On Yangchenghu Peninsula, you can find a road flanked by pear blossoms. When the snow-white pear flowers are in full bloom, they just look like clouds, intoxicating and enticing people to linger on.

April 8, 2017

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