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New Era Group launches strategic cooperation with Suzhou HSR New Town authorities

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New Era Group, the developer and operator of Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre (SCAC) and many other cultural, sports and recreational facilities in SIP, signed an agreement with the Administrative Committee of Suzhou HSR New Town (also known as Suzhou High-speed Rail New Town) on Aug 16 to launch strategic cooperation in a wide range of projects. 
Suzhou HSR New Town, located in Suzhou’s Xiangcheng District, is reportedly planning to set up a number of facilities, including an upscale hotel, an international convention and exhibition center, a cultural, sports and art center, an opera house, an art gallery and a library, to bolster local economic and cultural development. Under the agreement, New Era Group will provide consultancy and other support in the construction and operations of the projects and help set up a SCAC Training Center in the area.

August 19, 2019