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Company celebrates 15th anniversary

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IHI-Sullair Compression Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd, a joint venture founded by Japanese company Ishikawajma-Harima Heavy Industries Ltd (IHI) and American company Sullair in SIP High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone (SIP-HMITZ) in 2004 to make advanced turbo compressors, celebrated its 15th anniversary lately. 
It is learnt that the company develops, manufactures and sells a lineup of turbo compression systems for industrial use and provides related solutions and services. Its client base includes lots of globally renowned enterprises, such as Foxconn.
Sun Jingxia, deputy director of SIP-HMITZ Administrative Committee, attended the celebration, promising that SIP-HMITZ authorities will offer more support to the company in the future.

July 16, 2019