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Learning tour program launched for youngsters

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SIP Open University, founded in SIP Industrial Technical School in 2014, launched a public-benefit program on July 15 to cooperate with SIP-based schools, research institutes and enterprises in organizing learning tours for local youngsters. The program is designed to offer local kids more opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills after school.
At the launching ceremony, SIP Open University designated Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center, SIP Base for Industry-University-Research Institute Cooperation in Smart Manufacturing and Jiangsu Huibo Robots Co Ltd as education bases under the program. It also signed agreements with SIP’s sub-district offices and community committees to launch cooperation in the program later.
Concurrently, the first learning tour route was unveiled. As scheduled, the participating youngsters will visit the three education bases mentioned above to learn about robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing and life science.
According to Shen Jian, director of SIP Education Bureau which is offering great support to the program, the unique learning mode and diversified events under the program are expected to increase youngsters’ interest in learning. He hopes more organizations can join the program in the future. 

July 15, 2019