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Chinese biotech giant inaugurates research arm in SIP

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BeiGene Ltd, a Beijing-headquartered commercial-stage biotech company, inaugurated its BeiGene (Suzhou) Research Institute in SIP on July 11, after its manufacturing base came into operation in the area in 2017. The research institute focuses on translational medicine to promote discovery and commercialization of industry-leading innovative drugs. 
The company disclosed that it is planning to increase input in SIP and tighten ties with Suzhou-based enterprises and hospitals to bring about more outcomes in translational medicine which, a rapidly growing discipline in biomedical research, aims to expedite development of new diagnostic tools and treatments by employing multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative, “bench-to-bedside” approaches.
Following the inauguration ceremony was a summit on translational medicine, where a host of Chinese medical experts shared their expertise on related innovative drugs and therapies. Moreover, BeiGene Translational Medicine Expert Steering Committee was formed to support cultivation of professionals in the field.

July 11, 2019