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SIP officials visit less-developed county hoping to help accelerate poverty alleviation

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SIP Administrative Committee Director Ding Lixin and his contingent paid a visit to Songtao Miao autonomous county in Southwest China’s Guizhou province from July 4 to 6, conducting a field survey and meeting with local officials in the hope of helping lift the people in the less-developed county out of poverty as soon as possible.
It is learnt that SIP has been enhancing assistance to the county over the past few years, including offering financial aid, dispatching agricultural technicians to lend local famers a hand in ensuring good harvests, holding trade shows to help market agricultural products and helping improve education, employment and medical services.
At the meeting on July 5, the SIP officials discussed with the county officials further collaboration in a series of poverty alleviation projects concerning local economic development and people’s livelihood.
The delegation also visited a local loquat plantation, an agricultural park, a middle school, a hospital and an enterprise where they gained a better knowledge of the county’s conditions.

July 8, 2019