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Retiree shares retirement life experiences

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The Office for Retiree Care at the Organization Department of the CPC SIP Working Committee organized an event at SIP Library on June 12 when Xiao Yimei, former deputy director of SIP Administrative Committee, shared his life experiences after his retirement with over 100 college students and a number of local administrative staff.

The event was the fourth session of a program the office launched in May to invite local seniors over the following two months to give speeches at local administrative departments, enterprises, communities and schools to radiate positive energy and share their life and work experiences in interviews and consulting events for the same purpose.

At the event, Xiao showed the participants lots of pictures he took during his tours in over 190 countries and regions in recent years, read for them several of the poems he wrote, and shared his feelings about life and the country.

In another session, Xiao answered the students’ questions such as those about his future plans and difficulties he encountered during his trips, encouraging them to study hard and try their best to broaden their horizons.

Xiao also received a certificate for participation in the program, and presented his poem collections to SIP Library.

June 12, 2019