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SBT starts tour to Eastern Europe

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Suzhou Ballet Theatre (SBT)’s two-leg Eastern European tour will start on Apr 28 and last till May 9. As scheduled, SBT will stage its original ballet Tang Yin in Riga, capital of Latvia, and at the 26th Bydgoszczy Opera Festival to be held in Poland. 

Stage photo of Tang Yin

Debuted in Suzhou in September 2017, Tang Yin depicts from a unique perspective and through modern art forms the bumpy life of the protagonist Tang Yin, a scholar living in the regions south of the Yangtze River about 500 years ago. The tour will offer the show a chance to make its first appearance overseas.

Stage photo of Tang Yin

However, it will not be SBT’s first appearance at the Bydgoszczy Opera Festival, an annual event in Bydgoszczy, Poland. The troupe attended the 22nd session of the festival in 2015 with its classic ballet Carmen as the first Chinese ballet troupe to perform at the festival and in that country.

April 23, 2019