Shanghu Forest in Water
InDecember, the forest is like a color palette. The water and the trees invarious colors perfectly match each other.The300-mu (20-hectare) pond cypress (Taxodium ascendens) forest creates a poeticatmosphere, rendering the early winter romantic.The water is as clearas a mirror, and the trees look like flames. It is a picture from any angle ofview. Visitors can take a boat to join the picture. Sometree leaves fly freely in the wind, and glister in the sunshine. Apartfrom these places, such places as the Dushu Lake Egrets Park, Dushu LakeEco-Park, Dongshahu Eco-Park and Baitang Botanica... [MORE]
Location: Xitanghe Road, Gusu district, Suzhou
Dawn redwoods in Xietang
The 10-li(5-kilometer) dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) belt along theXietang River has gone viral on social media platforms, nearly equally famousas Huqiu Wetland Park.Asthe breeze rises, the leaves of the trees sway slowly, and some fall quietlylike feathers, covering the ground like a carpet.The treesare towering, like serious soldiers in armors which get shiny in the sunlight. Manypeople come to take pictures, recording the beautiful scenery with their mobilephones and cameras.Lookingacross the river, it looks like an oil painting, or a dreamland portrayed infairytales.  [MORE]
Location: Xinghu Street, east bank of Jinji Lake, SIP
Huqiu Wetland Park
The vast baldcypress (Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich.) forest in Huqiu Wetland Park attracts acontinuous stream of visitors.The warmsunshine in the afternoon goes through layers of tree leaves, and the light andshadow form a beautiful picture. Some leaves slowly fall and then slightlytouch the water in the lake, creating a string of ripples that break thestillness of the water surface.Standing amid the colorful trees, and feeling the hug ofthe nature, one will feel the peace in mind.  [MORE]
 Location: West Outer Ring Road, Changshu, Suzhou