Over20 journalists from 14 media organizations in Singapore and Shanghai had a touraround SIP from Oct 12 to 13 to learn about its development since its inception27 years ago.ThePublicity Department and the United Front Work Department of CPC SIP WorkingCommittee organized the tour in an effort to promote exchanges and cooperationbetween Suzhou and Shanghai for integrated development.   [MORE]
New service brings Suzhou closer to Shanghai
ShanghaiAirport Authority (AVINEX) unveiled a terminal in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, onOct 13 to allow more convenience for travellers amid deepening integration ofthe two cities.Passengersplanning to take flights in Shanghai can conduct ticketing and luggage check-inin Suzhou, and then go to Shanghai for boarding to prevent possible long queuein airports.Itis an important step to promote further integration in the Yangtze River Deltaregion by making traveling moreconvenient for people.Theterminal is located at the walkway beside Jinji Lake with the notable500-meter-long LED screen.Inthe core o... [MORE]
AVINEX opens terminal in SIP
Shanghai Airport Authority, also known as AVINEX, signed an agreement with SIP Administrative Committee on Oct 13 to launch strategic cooperation in air services, and opened the Suzhou City Terminal in SIP concurrently.    The Suzhou City Terminal, located near the Sky Screen at SIP’s Harmony Times Square, offers a package of services for ticket booking, check-in and luggage delivery. Passengers in SIP can go to AVINEX’s airports in Shanghai by shuttle bus, chartered bus or high-speed trains, or drive there, and board the planes there quickly.    AVINE... [MORE]
Journalists speak highly of SIP
In and after the tour, the journalists spoke highly of SIP.    “Now I can understand why people said that ‘you cannot say you have been to Suzhou if you didn’t visit SIP.’ SIP has pulled off one after another miracles in GDP growth, and is now marching ahead to make more,” said Yuan Jie from The Paper.    “SIP is playing a leading role worldwide in terms of development of emerging industries such as biomedicine and new materials. I’m deeply impressed by the technology boom here,” said Fu Xinxin from Wenhui Daily.    “Miracles... [MORE]
Journalists gain a holistic picture of SIP’s new blueprint
In the tour, the journalists gained a holistic picture of SIP’s development over the past 27 years and its new blueprint of striving toward a world-class industrial park. As a significant cooperative project between Chinese and Singaporean governments, SIP has demonstrated robust development and a leading role nationwide in opening-up, innovation and business facilitation. It has retained for five straight years the top spot in the comprehensive evaluation of National Economic and Technological Development Zones (NETDZs) conducted by the Ministry of Commerce of China.   &e... [MORE]