SIP multiplies efforts to “build the most beautiful window” (II)
The CPC SIP Working Committee held the mid-year workconference on July 31 to look back on its work over the first half of the yearand make deployment for future work. The event included aroundup of SIP’s achievements in such aspects as opening-up, participation inthe integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD), local economic andsocial development, cooperation with partners at home and abroad, and supportfor overseas investment over the past six months.At the event, the CPC SIP Working Committee called on all thepeople and organizations in SIP to strive together in the future to b... [MORE]
SIP sees improved livability
SIP recently gave a summary of its achievements over thefirst half of the year in improving its livability, covering a series ofmeasures and outcomes in optimizing environment, enriching culture, enhancingurban management and improving services for local residents.For example, a project was carried at Xujiabang Bei’ercunCommunity in SIP’s Loufeng Sub-district lately to install an elevator in amulti-storey walk-up building built in 1998. The project has benefited 12households in the building, especially the elderlies.Apartfrom that, SIP saw the completion of a number of projects including Xin... [MORE]
Free trade zone in SIP enhances reform to explore new development patterns
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued anotification in March to support China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone SuzhouArea to develop new-type offshore trade. The FTZ is now building the country’sfirst comprehensive service platform for new-type offshore trade. At the same time, the FTZ is taking the lead nationwide topromote the development of service-oriented manufacturing, an innovativemanufacturing mode featuring fusion of product manufacturing and services forclients. The business scale in related sectors in the FTZ has expanded by 180%year-on-year since the beginning of this... [MORE]
Accelerated industrial upgrading is expediting high-level development of SIP
SIPhas seen accelerated industrial upgrading in recent years, not only in themanufacturing sector, where digitalization has become an irresistible trend,but also in financial, cultural and many other sectors.Takethe cultural sector as an example. SIP Enterprise Development Service Centerlaunched the SIP D-Cultech Elite Symbiosis Project on June 17 in the aim ofpropelling fast development of SIP’s cultural industry. TheD-Cultech project consists of business courses, salon and information sessions,partnering events and exchange activities to give enterprises and people engagedin digital cultura... [MORE]