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Accelerated industrial upgrading is expediting high-level development of SIP

Date:2021-08-26 10:13|Source: |Visits:

SIP has seen accelerated industrial upgrading in recent years, not only in the manufacturing sector, where digitalization has become an irresistible trend, but also in financial, cultural and many other sectors.

Take the cultural sector as an example. SIP Enterprise Development Service Center launched the SIP D-Cultech Elite Symbiosis Project on June 17 in the aim of propelling fast development of SIP’s cultural industry.

The D-Cultech project consists of business courses, salon and information sessions, partnering events and exchange activities to give enterprises and people engaged in digital cultural products and services in SIP a leg up in their development.

Moreover, SIP recently hosted a live streaming competition and high-grade forums to promote talent development, brand building and business growth in the cultural sector.