SIP intensifies efforts to develop into a world-class high-tech park
Theprojects have motivated SIP to strive harder to achieve the goal of becoming aworld-class high tech park.SIPis now home to 40-plus research institutions and a number of public serviceplatforms for science and technology development and innovation. SIPauthorities have enhanced efforts to attract more research projects andprofessionals to “enrich the sources of innovation”.Atthe same time, SIP is accelerating the pace to introduce innovative techprojects, especially those focusing on biomedicine, nanotech and AI. Statisticsshow that the area saw the landing of 1,086 new projects of such kin... [MORE]
Four national-level projects expected to alter landscape of technology innovation in SIP
Inaddition to the one zone and two centers mentioned above, the SIP-centeredSuzhou nanotech and new materials cluster was recently designated one of the “NationalAdvanced Manufacturing Clusters”. Theseprojects are expected to significantly alter the landscape of technologyinnovation in SIP.SIPhas accumulated rich experience in developing the biomedical, nanotech and AIindustries over the past 10 years, and amassed abundant business, human andtechnical resources for further prosperity of these industries. The localauthorities are sparing no efforts to support these projects, hoping to see a “... [MORE]
104 tech projects worth about RMB 20 billion landed in SIP
Atthe Conference on Building of “One Zone and Two Centers” held in SIP on Apr 19,104 projects were signed, expected to bring an investment of about RMB 20billion to SIP.Theseprojects are run by a number of enterprises and research institutes which playa leading role in such fields as biomedicine, nanotech, eco-friendly energy,new materials and smart manufacturing.The projects are expected to propel technologyinnovation in SIP and also help introduce top-notch tech professionals into thearea.    [MORE]
Conference on building of “one zone and two centers” held in SIP
TheConference on Building of “One Zone and Two Centers” was held in SIP on April19.SIPrecently received the approvals from the Ministry of Science and Technology ofChina for building the National Third-generation Semiconductor TechnologyInnovation Center and the National Biotechnology Innovation Center, and alsotook on the new role as the core area for Suzhou to build the National PilotZone for Innovation and Development of New-generation Artificial Intelligence. Theprojects are part of the country’s efforts to push ahead the implementation ofthe innovation-driven development strategy and i... [MORE]