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Conference on building of “one zone and two centers” held in SIP

Date:2021-04-28 10:50|Source: |Visits:

The Conference on Building of “One Zone and Two Centers” was held in SIP on April 19.

SIP recently received the approvals from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China for building the National Third-generation Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center and the National Biotechnology Innovation Center, and also took on the new role as the core area for Suzhou to build the National Pilot Zone for Innovation and Development of New-generation Artificial Intelligence.

The projects are part of the country’s efforts to push ahead the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and intensify the national strategic strength in science and technology.

The conference gathered a host of government officials, enterprise representatives and experts from research institutes to brainstorm strategies for the building of the projects, and a number of experts were appointed advisors for them.