2020 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival
The2020 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival took place in SIP fromNov 13 to 25. It is the first foreign-related cultural exchange event since theChinese government put a series of “regular COVID-19 prevention and controlmeasures” into implementation after the restoration of business and socialactivities. Video records of the event will be broadcast worldwide under the “HappySpring Festival” online show project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism ofChina.  [MORE]
Noontime concert held at Xinghai Life Square
Anoontime concert, one of the events during the 2020 iSING! Suzhou InternationalYoung Artists Festival, took place at Xinghai Life Square, SIP on Nov 19,attracting lots of passersby to linger and immerse themselves in the beautifulsongs performed by eight young singers. Thefestival’s organizing committee and Hengtai Holdings, developer and operator ofthe commercial square, jointly organized the event, in the hope of offering thepassersby a chance to relax themselves in beautiful melodies. “Itis a wonderful concert, and a surprise,” Miss Hu, an audience who came acrossthe concert, said on si... [MORE]
Songs and art light up hope in the post-pandemic era
iSING!Suzhou is an annual event in Suzhou since 2014. It is usually launched insummer, but was postponed for months this year due to the global lockdownscaused by COVID-19. Luckily, it was rebooted finally.“Weinitiated the iSING! International Young Composers’ Competition during thedelay to encourage global young composers to write songs inspired by Tang poems.A total of 101 composers in 18 countries sent in their works, and 14 won awards,”said Tian Haojiang.“All of myperformances were cancelled in March. It was really exciting to get back ontothe stage,” said young singer Maureen Kelly f... [MORE]
When iSING! Suzhou meets Tang poems
Thecreative idea of combining exotic performance styles with Tang poems receivedhigh acclaim from the participants of the festival.“I’mlucky to have the chance to join iSING! Suzhou and know better about thebeautiful and fantastic ancient Chinese poems. It is a great challenge toperform the songs, but also a good chance to learn the profound Chineseculture,” said Artem Tarasenko, a Russian artist.Theartists’ hard work in rehearsals paid off. They received warm applause from theaudiences.Theconductor Lin Daye also gave high praise to the concert. “It’s not atraditional concert, but one wi... [MORE]