The 51-meter-tall lakeside church is a 39-million-yuan project with a floorage of 5,600 square meters and a capacity for 2,100 church goers. A square divides the Gothic complex into two parts. The first floor of the north building houses small chapels of different sizes, while the second floor is the 1,000-people main chapel. The lift for those with restricted mobility is available on the first floor. The supporting facilities to the south of the public square include Sunday school, sermon room, archives, reception, and offices.
A Heavenly Place and a Spiritual Paradise by Dushu Lake
     The church complex is of typical Gothic architectural design featuring pointed arch, ribbed vault, and flying buttress while the interior is characterized by verticality and light. Apart from traditional elements of sculptural decorations, columns, stained glass, and murals, the church is also equipped with modern facilities of convenience and people of different skin colors... [more]
     Five Giant Bells Toll Up Blessings
     There are five gigantic bells in Dushu Lake Christian Church in Suzhou Industrial Park, modeled after the time-honored bell of Notre Dame and carve... [more]
     The Cross in Water
     the newly-erected water-borne Cross of Dushu Lake Christian Church in Suzhou Industrial Park imparts an air of magnificence and sublimity of lakesh... [more]
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Window painting of Biblical characters series
Colorful stained glass
     China's Only Bilingual Christian Church Holds O...
     Dushu Lake Christian Church located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) held a ceremony to announce its official opening on May 28. [more]
     Dushu Lake Christian Church to Open to the Publ...
     Dushu Lake Christian Church located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is a new landmark complex by the lake and covers a land are... [more]
> Glimpses of Dushu Lake Christian Church
> SIP Calls on the Public to Help Quake-affected Yushu People
     East Sunday Congregation at Dushu Lake Christia...
     On the morning of Easter Sunday on April 4, nearly 1,500 believers ... [more]
     The First Church Wedding in Dushu Lake Christia...
     Wang Peng, a teacher from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTL... [more]
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