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Five “National Open Innovation Platforms” debut at AI expo

The “National Open Innovation Platforms for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence” that are being developed by Chinese tech companies Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, IFLYTEK and SenseTime under a program led by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China were an eye-catcher at the event.

The platforms are designed to promote development and innovation of open-source technologies and products in the fields of automatic driving, AI-based urban management, smart medical imaging, smart voice control and intelligent vision.

Among the exhibits is a seven-seat self-driving bus without driver’s seat, steering wheel or any pedals except for a control panel. It is learnt that the product has been put into mass production and used in a host of industrial parks across the country.

A car at IFLYTEK’s booth was an eye-catcher, too. It boasts a smart audio system that can identify and follow the voice commands of people sitting in different seats, such as opening the nearest window for a person in a back seat.