SIP celebrates Chinese New Year
Thepeople in SIP have ushered in the Chinese New Year in a happy and colorful atmosphere.The diverse celebrations have given them unique, wonderful experiences, whilethe dazzling products in the supermarkets and farm produce markets and theserial actions by local authorities have given them a strong sense of contentment.  [MORE]
Railway station enhances measures against COVID-19
The SIP Station of Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway, which is known as the “north gate of SIP”, has enhanced measures against COVID-19 considering the expanding passenger flow around the festival.ZhangYongqing, director of SIP People’s Congress Working Committee, and hiscontingent visited the station, learning about the workflow, off... [MORE]
Safety inspections help ensure a safe and happy holiday
SIPMarket Supervision Bureau (SIPMSB) conducted a series of safety inspectionsbefore the Chinese New Year in the aim of ensuring that all the people in SIPcould enjoy a safe and happy holiday. Sixinspection teams from SIPMSB visited about 30 business premises. At the farmproduce markets, neighborhood centers and supermarkets, the inspecti... [MORE]
Shen Mi and Lin Xiaoming extend festival greetings to servicemen and firefighters
ShenMi, secretary of CPC SIPWorking Committee, and Lin Xiaoming, director of SIP Administrative Committee,and their contingent paid a visit to a military troop and a firefighting detachmenton Jan 19 to extend festival greetings and give them gifts.Inthe event, Shen expressed thanks to the servicemen and firefighters for theircontributions... [MORE]
Markets promise to offer sufficient supplies during festival
The food markets in SIP have preparedenough supplies for the festival shopping.Atnine food markets owned by SIP’s neighborhood centers in differentsub-districts, shoppers can buy vegetable, meat, aquatic products, fruit, beanproducts, dried food, grain and oil, eggs and many other products they needduring the festival. “Wesupply quality... [MORE]
Diverse events to mark Chinese New Year
TheChinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is reckoned on the first day ofthe first month on the Chinese lunar calendar, and this year it fell on Feb 1.As in many other places in the country, celebrations in SIP usually last forweeks each year.Recently,many expatriates and their families experienced culture related to Chinese NewYe... [MORE]