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Soup is the “soul” of Suzhou-style noodles

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Soup is important to Suzhou-style noodles. It is said that, with a pot of good soup, the cooking is half successful.

In Suzhou, it is no surprise to see people waiting in a long queue to buy a bowl of noodles. The noodles taste the best when enjoyed soon after they are served.

The soups of Suzhou-style noodles are roughly divided into two types, namely, those with soy sauce and those without.

Different restaurants have different recipes for the soups, which are often kept secret. Some soups are made by stewing chicken, pork, ham, snails and eel bones. The ingredients are put in the cold water in the pot, and then stewed. Do not add water in the process, and salt must be added when the soup is nearly finished.

Aozao Noodles is famous, and there are several stories about its origination. One relates it with Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, who enjoyed a bowl of noodles cooked by a woman in a dirty kitchen during one of his Jiangnan tours and gave it the name. “Aozao” means messy or unclean in Wu dialect.

There are many other kinds of noodles in Suzhou, each with unique flavor.