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Strips of dough are the “bones” of Suzhou-style noodles

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The same dough can be made into strips in different shapes, typically round or flat, with different thickness. Most of Suzhou-style noodles feature thin strips which can easily absorb the flavor of the soup.

Suzhou natives have spent lots of time improving their soups and noodles. They have strict standards on how to mix the water with flour and how to roll the dough.

An experienced cook can perfectly control the heat and time when boiling the noodles. He will then take them out of the pot, shake them several times and put them into the soup skillfully to make the dish look beautiful.

Two-faced Pan-fried Noodles, called “Liang Mian Huang” in Chinese, is a traditional noodle dish from Suzhou. Cooked noodles are fried in a pan until they slowly turn golden and crispy. The noodles, crispy outside and soft inside, are served with toppings usually containing sliced pork, eel or shrimps mixed with other ingredients.