SIPAdministrative Committee recently released the SIP Three-year Plan forCultivation of “Little Giant” Enterprises (2021-2023), aiming to acceleratecultivation of “little giant” enterprises which refer to leading small- andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that specialize in niche sectors, command ahigh market share, and boast a strong innovative capacity and core technologies.Already with 74 such enterprises, SIP will enhance efforts to support SMEs overthe following three years.  [MORE]
SIP to adopt a graded SME cultivation system
SIPplans to adopt a graded cultivation system to help local SMEs develop into “littlegiants” step by step.SIPhas selected 913 enterprises into its “little giants pool”, and has madespecific analysis of these enterprises’ conditions and development potentials.In the next step, SIP authorities will carry out a series of programs to helpthe enterprises improve their R&D facilities and abilities, commercializetheir research findings and stand out in their fields.   [MORE]
SMEs highly motivated to pursue high-level development through innovation
SIP’sincentives have encouraged local SMEs to pursue high-level development throughinnovation.SuzhouT-powertek Optronics Co Ltd, formed in 2012 in SIP, has developed an assortmentof new materials such as silicone gel and nano silicone epoxy which has brokenthe monopoly of German and Japanese enterprises in nano materials for thephotoelectric display industry. SuzhouHi-Tech Precision Electronics Co Ltd, which was included in MIIT’s latest listof “little giants” together with T-powertek, has filled in the blank inadvanced composite materials in domestic market.NanoMicro,another “little gian... [MORE]
Number of “little giants” in SIP increasing
SixSIP-based enterprises made MIIT’s third list of “little giants” in July, amountingthe number of MIIT-accredited “little giants” in SIP to 10, which ranks firstin Suzhou. Theachievement stems from years of efforts to help SMEs seek high-leveldevelopment. By August, SIP has had 74 SMEs honored for their expertise inspecific fields, excellent performance in market and strong innovation ability,of which 65 have been recognized as “little giants” at different levels.Mostof the “little giants” are manufacturers with long commitment to their fields.Nineteen of the enterprises report an an... [MORE]
SIP to set up a “little giants pool”
Theneologism “little giant” was coined in 2018 when the Ministry of Industry andInformation Technology (MIIT) of China announced to cultivate in three yearsabout 600 “little giants”, namely SMEs that master key technologies and possessgreat prospects in innovation, with the hope that they can help makebreakthroughs in core industrial sectors.SIPhas been offering local SMEs great support over the past few years to help themgrow into “little giants”, and the Plan is expected to propel the formation ofa more systematic service and accreditation system for potential “little giants”.Basedon... [MORE]