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Fintech-themed event opens in SIP

Date:2021-11-11 15:24|Source: |Visits:

The 4th China Fintech Industry Summit cum 3rd Sino-Singapore (Suzhou) Fintech Expo took place at Suzhou International Expo Centre, SIP from Oct 28 to 30.

It is learnt that the fintech summit and expo are held in SIP on a yearly basis to provide opportunities for financial institutes, tech companies and research institutes to share their expertise and seek cooperation in developing and using fintech.

This year’s event included one main forum, 14 sub-forums, an exhibition with an area of 12,000 square meters, project presentations, roundtables and other activities. It was also paired with a fintech innovation and application competition and a field survey tour to a number of Suzhou’s leading companies in related sectors.

At the opening ceremony, Yangtze River Delta Fintech Innovation Cooperation Base, Suzhou Fintech Demonstration Zone, Suzhou Securities Fund Fintech Innovation Cooperation Base and RPA Co-Innovation Lab were inaugurated, and SIP Comprehensive Digital RMB Consumption Ecosystem was unveiled.

The exhibition gathered about 120 organizations including the Bank of China, Huawei and Shanghai Stock Exchange.