2021 (12th) Lake Cup Regatta kicks off
The 2021 (12th) Lake Cup Regatta (LCR)kicked off at Jinji Lake, SIP on Oct 22, consisting of J80, DC20, OptimistClass and Topper Class races that attracted about 300 adults and youngsters.Initiated in 2011, the annual LCR hasbecome a brand event in SIP, attracting a large number of professional sailorsand sailing enthusiasts each year. It has been included in Chinese YachtingAssociation’s “List of Regattas in China”, and won a series of honors andawards for sports events.  [MORE]
Jinji Lake events promote integrated tourism development
SIP has been striving to integratetourism with culture and sports for economic benefits. A number of JinjiLake-themed events including the Jinji Lake Biennale, Jinji Lake Half Marathonand Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race have shown good effects in helping boost localeconomic growth. Jinji Lake has become a popular site forwater sports and entertainment. Based on the guidance that Suzhou governmentreleased at the work conference in July for development of “water economy”, SIPplans to further explore the resources at and around Jinji Lake for commercialpurposes.    [MORE]
Citizens and tourists sail on Jinji Lake at night
This year, the LCR offered opportunitiesfor citizens and tourists to experience night sailing on the Jinji Lake. Theapplication procedure started on Oct 8. The LCR program included nighttimesailing for the first time last year, but it was only open to racers. The eventwas live-streamed and received high comments from the viewers. This year’s nighttime sailing took placefrom 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Oct 22 and 23. Five citizens and tourists had theluck to enjoy a free sailboat tour.  [MORE]
LCR upgraded this year
Organized by SIP-based Suzhou Baqi Sailing Club in collaboration with Suzhou Sailing and Windsurfing Association, the 2021 LCR included not only the J80, DC20, Optimist Class and Topper Class races, but also a nighttime race and the “Weekly Challenge” races.    The Topper Class race was added to the LCR program for the first time in order to pique more youngsters’ interest in the sport of sailing.    The “Weekly Challenge” will be a regular dual meet program at Jinji Lake after the event. Sailing enthusiasts can apply for participation onl... [MORE]
Colorful boats run on Jinji Lake
The 2021 LCR gathered27 keelboat teams and 50 sailboats designed for teenagers.Among the racers are many professionalsailors, including National Games champions Wu Jianan and Lan Hao and thosewith experiences of participating in international regattas.The event represents part of the effortsthat SIP authorities are making to boost economic growth relying on local waterresources. In addition to the races, there were a series of theme activitiesincluding mini tours, “Sailors’ Night” carnival and media day to popularizewater sports.  [MORE]