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SIP sees remarkable outcomes in environmental improvement

Date:2021-11-25 09:57|Source: |Visits:

The Office of the Pollution Prevention and Control Headquarters of East China’s Jiangsu province recently commended the leaders of 50 national and provincial air quality monitoring stations and 29 national surface water quality monitoring spots across the province, and the leader of the national air quality monitoring station in SIP is on the list.

In 2020, the annual average concentration of PM2.5 in SIP was 33 micrograms/cubic meter, a decrease of 13.2% over the previous year, and for the first time it met the secondary standards of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards; the rate of good ambient air quality reached 86.9%, up five percentage points over the previous year, the highest level ever. Moreover, the annual average water quality of two provincial water quality monitoring spots in SIP all met the country’s Grade III standards, and the quality of drinking water sources of Taihu Lake and Yangcheng Lake completely met related standards.

The figures prove that SIP has done a good job in balancing economic growth and environmental protection.