The Office of the Pollution Preventionand Control Headquarters of East China’s Jiangsu province recently commendedthe leaders of 50 national and provincial air quality monitoring stations and29 national surface water quality monitoring spots across the province, and theleader of the national air quality monitoring station in SIP is on the list. In 2020, the annual averageconcentration of PM2.5 in SIP was 33 micrograms/cubic meter, a decrease of13.2% over the previous year, and for the first time it met the secondarystandards of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards; the rate of goodambie... [MORE]
SIP’s consistent efforts in improving environment
SIP’s beautiful sceneryand healthy environment stem from years of efforts in environmental protectionand landscaping. In recent years, SIP has made greatefforts to restore the local wetland ecosystem, including establishing a listof protected zones for conservation of the wetlands around the Dongsha, Jinji,Dushu and Yangcheng lakes. On the other hand, a series of projectshave been carried out to improve urban landscapes. Many parks, green belts andother landscaping projects have been completed, making SIP picturesque.    [MORE]
Walking tour of Jinji Lake
The Jinji Lakeshore Footpath, about 14kilometers long, is designed for walking tours to the attractions surroundingJinji Lake. It is also a beautiful landscape itself, and usually takes about2.5 to 3 hours to walk through.The about 2-kilometer-long Hubin Road,with beautiful natural and urban landscapes all the way through, is suitablefor a stroll. There are also many sculptures in the grass at its sides.The inverted-V-shaped Jinshuiwan trestlebridge should not be missed. Supported by pillars standing in water, it lookslike a silk ribbon flying over the lake.   [MORE]
Autumn scenery in SIP
Even after the Beginning of Winter, aChinese solar term that indicates the coming of winter, the autumn scenery inSIP is still expected to sustain for quite  time due to the moderatetemperature and humidity here.The Dushu Lake, Yangcheng Lake, JinjiLake and old Xietang Street are all good places to enjoy the autumn scenery ofSIP. The colorful plants are amazing, and the autumn breeze is refreshing. Yangcheng LakeDushu LakeOld Xietang StreetBanks of Xietang Riverand Jinji Lake  [MORE]
Dushu Lake in autumn
Dushu Lake was formed in an earthquakein the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279), according to historical records. There is apark, a library and a church named after it and a white egrets park on its eastbank, and the Grand Canal of China brushes past it in the south.The water appears to stretch endlesslyto the horizon, and when it rains, the lake is covered in mist and thehigh-rises on the opposite bank get faintly visible.Sometimes, there are several white egrets, foraging or just resting.There is a dawn redwood (Metasequoia)forest north of the Gothic Dushu Lake Church. The trees’ leaves t... [MORE]