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DeviceCampus inaugurated

Date:2021-11-23 09:59|Source: |Visits:

DeviceCampus, an industrial park designed to foster development of medical devices, was inaugurated on Oct 24 as the Phase VI project of BioBAY.

Located in SIP’s Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort, DeviceCampus covers a land area of 12.47 hectares and a floor area of about 35,000 square meters. It offers an excellent environment for R&D and commercialization of high-end medical devices.

DeviceCampus is expected to be built into a Chinese medical devices cluster with talents and teams dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies and products. Eight medical devices companies have signed agreements to launch operations in it, with a total initial investment of more than RMB2.7 billion.

DeviceCampus will help accelerate the development of BioBAY which is now home to over 500 biotech companies with about 35,000 high-caliber talents. Notably, 11 medical devices companies in BioBAY have 15 products admitted to the country’s “green channel” for fast review and approval for registration and marketing of innovative medical products, and have obtained 544 registration certificates for medical devices.