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iSING! Suzhou – “China Flames Dazzle South of Yangtze” concert premieres

Date:2021-10-26 10:33|Source: |Visits:

The concert themed “China Flames Dazzle South of Yangtze”, part of the 2021 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival that is underway in Suzhou, premiered at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, SIP on Oct 15. A total of 25 young singers from seven countries including China, the United States, Italy, Russia, Nicaragua, Colombia and Serbia participated.

iSING! Suzhou, an annual event in Suzhou since 2014, is the first international festival for vocalists in the country. So far, more than 350 young singers from over 30 countries and regions have taken part in the festival’s training programs and events devised to help them increase their artistic attainments and learn more about Chinese culture and art.