iSING! Suzhou
– “China Flames Dazzle South of Yangtze” concert premieres
The concert themed “China FlamesDazzle South of Yangtze”, part of the 2021 iSING! Suzhou International YoungArtists Festival that is underway in Suzhou, premiered at Suzhou Culture andArts Centre, SIP on Oct 15. A total of 25 young singers from seven countriesincluding China, the United States, Italy, Russia, Nicaragua, Colombia andSerbia participated.iSING! Suzhou, an annual event inSuzhou since 2014, is the first international festival for vocalists in thecountry. So far, more than 350 young singers from over 30 countries and regionshave taken part in the festival’s training programs and ... [MORE]
iSING! Suzhou concert staged at community
Atotal of 14 young singers from the 2021 iSING! Suzhou International YoungArtists Festival staged a concert at SIP’s Jingying Apartment Community on Oct9. Inthe process, the singers performed a list of Chinese songs including “I LoveYou, China” and “Song of The Yangtze River”, and episodes of Western operas including“La Ci Darem la Mano” and “Non Più Andrai”, which drew intermittent applauseand cheers from the audiences.“Ireally appreciate the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful performances fromthese outstanding artists,” said a girl who watched the show.     [MORE]
Foreign singers perform Chinese songs
The foreign artists who are in Suzhou for the 2021 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival also serve as the “cultural ambassadors” to help spread Chinese culture across the world. Atthe concerts, the artists performed recomposed “I Love You, China” and otherChinese songs, giving brand new experiences to the audiences who are familiarwith these songs.“Ilike iSING very much, and have learnt a lot from it,” said Nicaraguan sopranoDeborah Solange Martinez, who has participated in iSING! Suzhou for fourtimes.   [MORE]
Good preparations for the concerts
The young artists had gathered in SIP early this month to make preparations for the concerts, attending training sessions to learn Chinese songs and singing skills, and doing rehearsals.Amongthe songs they performed were “Ode to the Yellow River”, “Honghu’s Water, WavesRise and Rise” and “Midnight Bells”, which are well-known to Chinese people,and also songs selected from the iSING! Suzhou repertoire. “Itis my first time being at iSING! Suzhou, and I’m glad that I have the chance tolearn Chinese and experience Chinese culture,” said Jovana Curovic, a Serbianwho works as a music teach... [MORE]
Young singers from seven countries share stage
The 90-minute concert, directed by renowned Chinese operaperformer Tian Haojiang and led by famous Chinese pianist and conductor XuZhong, amazed the audiences.Theyoung singers from seven countries gave wonderful performances in collaborationwith Suzhou Symphony Orchestra to congratulate the Communist Party of China on its100th anniversary and eulogize the beauty of the region south of the YangtzeRiver. Aconcert of the same kind was also staged at Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai onOct 16, receiving high comments from the audiences, too.Itis worth mentioning that the concerts were held with str... [MORE]