SIP’sYangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) announced a series of events onSept 17 in the hope of further boosting the local tourism market in this autumnand the upcoming winter, and unveiled its mascots Yangxiaocao and Chengxiaohuaat the same time.Theevents, themed “Fun Outdoors at YLPTR”, include cultural and art events,festival celebrations, sports activities and concerts which are elaboratelydesigned to meet the needs of different tourists. Some of the events will takeplace at YLPTR’s most sought-after tourist destinations such as the SuzhouVillage outlets mall and the film-th... [MORE]
Landmark buildings stand in lines
In addition to gorgeous natural landscapes, YLPTR is also well-known for a number of landmark buildings of modern styles.Among the buildings are the CSSD Ecological Science & Technology Hub, an eco-friendly complex embracing eco-friendly commercial and industrial projects, the Northern SIP Citizen Center, which consists of sports facilities, theatre, library and art and sports schools, and the Suzhou Village outlets mall and HB World entertainment park.Additionally, the advanced traffic facilities, the enterprise headquarters base in construction and many other projects all demonstrate the... [MORE]
YLPTR shows strong vitality as “a backyard garden”
YLPTR is seeing thriving development of ecotourism which unites natural resource conservation, communities and sustainable travel with high environmental and cultural awareness.As a national-level tourist resort, YLPTR boasts enchanting natural landscapes everywhere. The green water, blue sky and beautiful flowers and trees always make people feel delighted and refreshed, especially for urbanites who eagerly need an escape from the bustle of cities. [MORE]
Creatively devised events to give tourists unforgettable experiences
The creatively devised events are expected to allow tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of YLPTR and experience the fun of diverse sports and cultural tours in one trip.At YLPTR, tourists can participate in the running races along the routes passing through the most beloved attractions in the area, watch amazing art shows, join the cyberpunk-style Christmas celebration at HB World, or enjoy a trip of health at the At One International  Festival to be held at the lakeside SANGHA Retreat.It is learnt that there is also a 60-mu (4-hectare) plantation for visitors to experience a kind of ... [MORE]
YLPTR offers new experiences to tourists
The authorities of YLPTR announced the schedule of the events at Suzhou Village on Sept 17, attracting wide attention from media and people who are looking for a place for a vacation in the next few months.    On the schedule are the 3rd Jiangnan Han Culture and Art Festival cum Final of the Traditional Han Chinese Clothing Model Competition, the 1st YLPTR Camping Carnival, the H. Brothers Parent-Child Run, the Grand Canal “Warriors” Race, Suzhou Village Concert, and other events.    Concurrently, an upgraded concessionary card is being sold online to ... [MORE]