SIP leg of 2021 Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou and Suzhou International Biomedical Industry Expo
VWIE-SIP, part of the 2021(13th) Venture Week for International Elites (VWIE) in Suzhou, opened in SIP onJuly 11, with 38 activities attracting about 5,000 participants. Notably, theevent was combined with the Suzhou International Biomedical Industry Expo(SIBIE), which was aimed at “building a community of global biomedicalindustry”. A number of academicians from the Chinese Academy ofEngineering (CAE) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), including formerCAE deputy head Liu Depei and Prof. Zhang Lihe from Peking University HealthScience Center, participated in the event.  [MORE]
Top-level resources gather to drive development of biomedical industry
The VWIE-SIP and SIBIE gathered top-level human, capital and technological resources which are key factors for the development of the biomedical industry.    The SIBIE, aimed at promoting technology innovation, facilitating cooperation and accelerating commercialization of new research findings in the biomedical sector, consisted of exhibitions, project competitions, forums and exchange activities that gathered a host of global leading experts along with advanced products and technologies and promising projects.    A number of experts shared their expert... [MORE]
291 projects signed at VWIE-SIP
The latest statistics show that 291 projects were signed at the VWIE-SIP from July 10 to 12.    Among the projects are 288 for investment in startups and three for cooperative innovation, and the number of the signed projects increased by 21.8% over the previous year, hitting a record high.    The achievement should be partly attributed to VWIE-SIP’s combination with Suzhou International Biomedical Industry Expo this year, which enabled it to attract over 6,000 participants and more than 1.55 million online spectators. [MORE]
SIP introduces 1,134 projects through previous editions of VWIE-SIP
Before this year’s event, SIP had hosted twelve sessions of VWIE-SIP, which attracted more than 15,000 high-caliber talents from home and abroad and helped bring 1,134 projects into SIP, the most projects introduced through the VWIE in Suzhou. It is worth mentioning that the number of projects landed in SIP during last year’s VWIE reached 264, up 33.3% year-on-year.    The VWIE has opened an “express channel” for SIP to introduce talents and investments, and has greatly facilitated the integrated development of talents, projects, capital and technology in SIP. &ens... [MORE]
SIP takes the chance to expand its talent pool
SIP authorities held a promotion conference during the VWIE-SIP to introduce local talent policies to the participants in the hope of luring more talents to work or run their projects in SIP.    The introduction covered SIP’s talent services, incentives, evaluation mechanisms and its future plans for upgrading of talent policies and programs.    Moreover, the National Biotechnology Innovation Center, which is being built in SIP, signed an agreement with Chinese telecom giant Huawei to “enhance cooperation in development and commercialization of biotech... [MORE]