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14 biotech companies settle down in new zone of BioBAY

Date:2021-06-25 11:37|Source: |Visits:

Zone A, part of the Phase III project of BioBAY, came into operation on May 27. A total of 14 enterprises have settled down in it.

Located at Sangtian Island, the Phase III project consists of Zone A and Zone B, with a total area of 10.19 hectares. Zone A, with a land area of about 7.08 hectares and a total floor area of 133,000 square meters, serves as an industrialization base for high-end medical devices and new drugs. Zone B is scheduled to complete at the end of this year.

Among the new settlers are a number of enterprises engaged in developing and manufacturing innovative drugs and therapies for treatment of various diseases, such as Neuropath (Suzhou) and Porton, and also many dedicated to making state-of-the-art medical devices, like RongKe Medical and Singleron.