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Specially designed online system, concessionary cards and travel routes unveiled

Date:2021-06-27 12:17|Source: |Visits:

The “Travel in SIP”, a WeChat program with well-sorted information about travel routes, hotels, restaurants, services, events and special offers in SIP, was launched. Users can seek tips for their travels, make reservations and buy products through it.

Three kinds of concessionary cards for individuals and families were released on the platform for sale from May 19 to July 31. The cards allow the holders to enjoy discounted rates during their tours to a number of tourist destinations before June 30, 2022.

In addition, seven travel routes, including four for families, were unveiled, covering the most sought-after attractions around the Jinji, Yangcheng and Dushu lakes. Concurrently, a free tour program was launched to provide chances for media reporters, travel enthusiasts and residents from SIP and other areas to experience the travel routes.