Subsidies and discounts provided for tourists
Inaddition to opportunities of enjoying free tours, tourists who visit SIP duringthe 3rd SIP Extraordinary Travel Season can enjoy subsidies for their travelsalong the seven new routes mentioned above. Holdersof the concessionary cards can enjoy discounted tickets for the film-themedentertainment complex HB World, the Chongyuan Temple and many other touristdestinations, and also for a multitude of recreational activities such asgo-karting, rowboat tours at Jinji Lake and lakeside cycling tours.   [MORE]
SIP Extraordinary Travel Season boosts consumption in SIP
SIPExtraordinary Travel Season is helping boost consumption in SIP, in the sameway as many other events like the “SIP Night” nighttime spending spree, 55Shopping Festival and Drive-in Movie Carnival.Thetravel season includes a huge variety of elaborately designed events to givetourists fantastic recreational and shopping experiences. It is contributing toSIP’s goal of becoming an international, fashionable modern tourism hub ofSuzhou.   [MORE]
Specially designed online system, concessionary cards and travel routes unveiled
The “Travel in SIP”, a WeChat program with well-sortedinformation about travel routes, hotels, restaurants, services, events andspecial offers in SIP, was launched. Users can seek tips for their travels,make reservations and buy products through it.Threekinds of concessionary cards for individuals and families were released on theplatform for sale from May 19 to July 31. The cards allow the holders to enjoydiscounted rates during their tours to a number of tourist destinations beforeJune 30, 2022. Inaddition, seven travel routes, including four for families, were unveiled,covering the most s... [MORE]
Concept of “all-for-one tourism” highlighted
The 3rd SIP Extraordinary Travel Season is part of the efforts in SIP to develop “all-for-one tourism”, a concept encouraging tourism development based on integrated resources.SIP has put in great efforts in recent years to developtourism relying on its abundant natural, cultural, sports and shopping resources.It received 8.34 million tourists and recorded a total tourism revenue of RMB 18.522billion last year, despite of the negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thetravel season is driving another surge of tourist arrivals.    [MORE]